Destination Blues tickets now on sale

Attracting people from far and wide, the annual Destination Blues Music Festival takes place at multiple venues in Columbia and Montour Counties, featuring acts ranging from solo acoustic performers to electric bands to a full Gospel choir. Most of the performances take place in family-friendly restaurants and bars with no cover charges; attendees enjoy the best of our area’s food and drink – think brewpubs! – in addition to the music. Venues hosting the two main events include a Masonic temple and a church sanctuary, both of them landmarks of Victorian-era architecture that helps create unforgettable experiences.

In its first year in 2014, Destination Blues had musicians at five venues; by the third year, the number of venues had grown to 19, in Berwick, Bloomsburg, and Danville, with 35 performances by 70 musicians – by far the greatest concentration of music that our two counties have ever seen.

The fourth annual festival will take place on Friday, the 17th of February, 2017, through Sunday the 19th. Visit the Web site for more information on the whole line-up, as well as hotel accommodations and bus transportation. Click here to order tickets.

The line-up will feature the Otis Taylor Band, Lea Gilmore, Joanna Connor, John Nemeth, Swampcandy, Gabe Stillman & The Billtown Giants, Sweeney Blues revue, and many more.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!