“Postcards” and Madelin Beattie

The Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg made an international call for artists to connect with one another through the exchange of personal postcards.  Inspired by the Griffin and Sabine books, this exhibition welcomes artists of all ages, abilities, and experiences to share their individual personalities and to connect to other creative souls.  We accepted all media, with the only limitation that every entered piece must go through the mail at the international U.S. postcard rate ($1.20).  This means that each piece must fit within the Postal Service’s guidelines: 3-1/2” minimum and 4-1/4” maximum for height, 5-1/2” minimum and 6” maximum for length, 0.007” minimum and 0.016” maximum for thickness.

The reception will take place on Saturday, the 4th of June, 6-8 p.m., at the same time as Artspace’s reception for their North Mountain Art League show.

At the conclusion of the show, after the reception, we will mail all of the postcards out: Each artist will receive another artist’s work.  By asking for an artist’s ages on the application, we intend to connect artists with other artists within the same approximate age group.

ALSO IN THE GALLERY: Madelin Beattie

With a studio in Williamport’s Pajama Factory, Madelin Beattie describes herself this way: “I am a Printmaker and Sculptor living and working in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  I recently obtained my BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.  I am a lover of coffee, dogs, and a nice pair of slacks.”

Madelin’s one-person show in the back half of the Exchange Gallery will run through the reception simultaneous with the Postcard Show’s, on Saturday the 4th of June, 6-8 p.m.