Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Fourth annual Home-Based-Business Expo on December 6

In conjunction with Downtown Bloomsburg’s Late-Night Shopping, the Moose Exchange hosts the fourth annual Home-Based-Business Expo. Buy Local: Support your friends and neighbors while you do your holiday shopping in a downtown landmark!

The Exchange offers seasonal thanks

The Exchange has at least 12,000 reasons to feel thankful this year — the 12,000 or so people who have visited so far in 2013. YOU make everything we do possible. Please consider a donation to the Exchange before the end of the year. THANK YOU.

“Chasing Trains” in the Stairwell Gallery

Through the 4th of January, 2014, railroad-themed work: paintings by Richard Lilley and photographs by Oren B. Helbok. Open whenever the building is open (Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Green Campus Initiative movie on Tuesday

“Dimming the Sun” investigates the discovery that the sunlight reaching Earth has been growing dimmer, which may seem surprising given all the international concern over global warming. This may have far-reaching and serious consequences . . .

School Holiday Bowling December 2nd

Kids home from school on Monday the 2nd? Bring ‘em to bowl at the Exchange: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., $5 per person includes balls and shoes, bowl until you get bored!

150 years ago today

Abraham Lincoln delivered the greatest speech in American history.

In honor of our veterans

Thank you for your service to our country!

2014 Stairwell Gallery Schedule

For the full schedule of Stairwell Gallery shows for 2014 . . .

Last fall life drawing session on the 6th

Fourth and last session for the season — more to come in the spring!

“Cover of a Cover” runs through the 16th

Come see this year’s “Cover of a Cover” art show at The Moose Exchange’s Stairwell Gallery. Feast your eyes on four dozen album covers reinterpreted by local artists.