Monthly Archives: January, 2011

It’s Warming Up at the Exchange

New heat-pump compressor units are set in place and await the installation of miles of electrical wiring and coolant piping by Crawford Heating and Cooling of Bloomsburg. Precision Millwrights of Orangeville built the rack for the new units which will provide a fully controllable climate for each season in every space in the Exchange–for the [...]

Art Walk-In TODAY

Celebrate Bloomsburg’s wonderful downtown and vibrant, creative arts community at the Exchange today from 4 to 8 p.m., as the we host the third annual Art Walk-In. FREE and open to the public. Don’t miss the biggest Main Street event of the week, maybe even the month!

HVAC work underway

On the morning of Wednesday, the 19th of January, 2011, history repeated itself on Ridge Avenue behind 203 West Main Street: The giant air conditioning chiller rode the back of a truck, as it had a dozen years before. This time, though, instead of arriving it left the area, and for the last time, unmourned. [...]